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Digestion is what happens between what you put in your mouth and when you eliminate the wastes.

We typically think of digestion as being what happens in your gut. But really, it is all the processes that occur between your teeth, each cell in your body, and only finally, at the other end of your body.

Digestion in the ONE, MOST IMPORTANT thing your body does for you. If you don’t digest, you ain’t gonna be around for too long. How much time do any of us give to our digestions? For most of us, not much at all.

So what can go wrong. Lots. Here’s just a few.

1. Where does your food come from?

Is it natural?

What poisons / pesticides/herbicides have been used in production?

Obesity, Diabetes, Parkinsonism are just three illnesses that now being thought to be caused by pesticides.

Is it whole?

Was it picked ripe or un-ripe?

How old is it? Many foods are kept in cold store for several months BEFORE they get to the super market.

Has it been handled hygienically between producer and you?

How much processing has it gone through?

Is it real food? Or processed food with most of the nutrition stripped out of it?

Is it real food? Oor something dreamt up in a laboratory?

Did you know that Monsanto hid evidence that GM foods caused liver and kidney damage in experimental animals within three months of consuming GM foods?

Did you know that Round-up actually denatures the soil and causes it to become increasingly infertile and non-productive? Dr G was always told that Round-up breaks down on coming in contact with soil. But Dr G was always a skeptic. Now the research has proven him to be right – once again.

2. How do you eat your food?

90% of your digestion occurs in your mouth.

So do you take your time chewing your food?

Are your teeth healthy or do your sick gums contaminate your food before it gets to your stomach?

Do you enjoy your food? Or do you bring your problems to the table? Do you watch nasty things like the news while you eat?

3. Are you digesting or are you in fact fermenting or even rotting in your guts? If you fart, get bloated, have irregular stools, you are most certainly not digesting.

4. Do you have food allergies?

All inflammatory processes cause your gut lining not to work properly.

5. Do you have good acid in your stomach? Or do you take various acid inhibitors and antacids before you eat? You need acid to digest the most important part of your food – PROTEINS.

6. Do you have good enzymes in your small intestine?

7. Do you have nice useful bacterea in your intestines? Or do you have parasites, pathogenic bugs, worms, etc?

8. Do you have mal-absorption? Do you have coeliac syndrome? Coeliac Disorder is a spectrum disorder, ranging from mild wheat intolerance to full blown Coeliac Syndrome(CS). CS can manifest as arthritis, cancer, dementia, just to name a few illnesses. Often it does not show up as a gut complaint. Often you may have no gut biopsy changes nor blood evidence of CS. Just to make life interesting.

9. Are you poohing properly? You should have a completely satisfying poo, at least once a day. Twice is better.

10. Have you been taking antibiotics? What about the antibiotics that farmers give to the animal? Farmers and Vets are the biggest abusers of antibiotics. But the doctors get the balme.

11. Do you have an “irritable bowel syndrome” (IBS)? You know that your gut is “irritable”. But what caused it?

Most doctors and all gastro-enterologists choose not to look.

70% of your immune system is just one cell distance from the most dangerous environment you can think of – the contents of your gut.

Your immune system has to be able to distinguish between food elements and poisons, all in the space of milli-seconds. It has to decide what to do and carry out its function smoothly and with minimum inconvenience to you. Smart, isn’t it?

Did you know that there are more brain cells in your gut than there are in your brain? Now that adds a whole new dimension to the concept of "gut feelings".

Your entire existence is dependant on your gut and its ability to digest.

Maybe it’s time to be a little bit more considerate with it.

Question: Why does everything do with health have to be so complicated?

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