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*Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


CFS is a disease of the 20‑21st centuries.

Definition: CFS is the considered "diagnosis" if you have been tired for more than 6 months, and there is no other obvious medical disorder present.

That's a bit like saying the sky has been blue for six months, so there has to a drought happening.

CFS has many causes. The trick is to pick the right one. Since there is often many causes in the same patient, the more important trick is to pick the correct reasons and then to treat them in the correct order.

Sub-types of CFS

Type One has the worst anxiety and depression, poor sleep patterns and high pain levels;

Type Two is typified by exhaustion, and joint and muscle pain following exercise;

Type Three is the mildest form of the disease.

Type Four have moderate levels of body pain and sleep problems,

Type Five sufferers have stomach complaints and severe muscle weakness.

Type Six mainly experience fatigue, while type seven sufferers had the most severe symptoms, including pain, swollen glands and headaches


1. Burn‑out. Not enough sleep overall. Not enough sleep before midnight.

2. Chronic anxiety. Anxiety is the same as living in the Coliseum at lunch time.

3. Hormonal. Disorders of the thyroid, adrenal glands, sex hormones, etc.

4. Poor nutrition due to incorrect diet, food allergies, mal-absorption, Coeliac, inadequate vitamin intake. Too many calories. Too few calories.

5. Infection. Eg. Mycoplasma, CMV, Enterovirus, Polio, Coxsacchie, Borellia, Lyme's disease, Ross River Virus, Dengue fever, to name a few.

6. Organs that malfunction, eg Chronic tonsillitis, chronic appendicitis, scars, Myofascial trigger mechanisms,irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disorder, old fratcture, eo name a few.

6. Feng Shui. Where you live may be detrimental to your health.

7. Esmog. The electromagnetic emissions from the electrical "toys" that we have infested our lives with. The most dangerous are high tension power lines, electrical wires surrounding where you sleep, computers, mobile phones, i‑phones, walkmans, etc.

8. Pesticides, heavy metal poisoning especially the mercury from your dental fillings, Root canal fillings,.

9. Medical drugs including sleeping pills, anti‑anxiety and anti‑depressants, sleeping pills.

10. Stimulants like coffee, coke and cola drinks, the "'super caffeinated "' drinks ie "energy drinks". Alcohol. "party drugs".

11. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

12. An interesting cause is “Functional Hyper-volaemia”. This form is due to a patient’s arteries being in a chronic and constant state of contraction. This effectively means that you have “too much” fluids inside of your blood vessels. These patients do feel ever so much better when they have a blood nose, do a blood test or donate blood.


Whatever is needed: But this can only be determined after we know what is wrong with you.

Good diagnostic skills to find clues as to the cause of the CFS.

Good and accurate treatments.

At Healthwise, our practitioners work really hard at all of these to find the right sequence for you.

For help with all your medical and health issues, please ring our receptionists on 03 9813 5044 and make an appointment to see one of our practitioners.



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